MARS Hair Growth Oil
MARS Hair Growth Oil

MARS Hair Growth Oil

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MARS Hair Growth Oil is made of Castor Oil, Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

This oil is very good and multipurpose! It:

+ Promotes HAIR GROWTH

+ Treats fungal infections

+ Moisturises the skin (good for dry skin!)

+ Can be used for body massage

+ Increases collagen metabolism

+ Helps reduce scars

+ Helps re-growth of damaged hair

+ Lengthens and strengthens the eyelashes (good for those who wears mascara often)

+ Grows out thinning eyebrows

+ Grows out mustache/beard

+ Can be used for OCM (Oil Cleansing Method)

+ Can be used as makeup remover


This oil is super safe to be used externally, even for babies! 




- When hair is damp, take one drop or more on finger and rub it into the areas needed.

- It is best to rub directly on the scalp for maximum absorption.

- Leave overnight or minimum of 2 hours. Then, wash of as usual (with shampoo, etc).

- Use daily to see results.



- Clean eyes from any makeup residue.

- Take a drop of oil on finger, on cotton bud or use mascara bottle, and gently rub the oil on the eyebrows and eyelashes.

- Leave overnight or minimum of 2 hours. Then, wash of with water.

- Use daily for better results.

*Use at night time would be more convenient.



- Take a few drops on palm and gently massage the oil into the face.

- Use a clean towel, wet it with warm water or just normal water, and wipe face.

- Gently wipe in upwards motion.

- Follow up with cleanser (gentle/mild)

*Can do this everyday, 2 or 3 times a week, up to your preference.


The MARS Hair Growth Oil last 8 to 10 months from the month of purchase. Store away from direct sunlight. To lengthen shelf life of the MARS Hair Growth Oil, keep in fridge (vegetable tray).