About our website

    Can we buy Marzea products at other platforms? (i.e. instagram, facebook, whatsapp)
    • No, sorry. We only take orders through our website.
    How to make payment?
    • Please choose eGHL at the checkout page. We accept Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking as well as Boost Wallet. 
    I have made payment but i have not received any email notifications. 
    • Please allow 24hours on weekdays for us to check for you.
    I still have not received my parcel. 
    • Please check the tracking number we have emailed to you. If you cannot track your parcel, please try contact the courier service. We will also help you if you need further assistance.
    Can i combine my orders?
    • If you have paid for your orders, we cannot combine them. However, if you have not paid for your orders, we would advise you to make a new order that consist of all the products you want to avoid confusion. 
    How to cancel my orders?
    • Please email to us at marzeashop@gmail.com so that we can cancel it for you. 

    About our products

    Can i mix Marzea products with other products?
      • Yes, you can mix according to your preference.
      Can i take wudhu' after using Marzea products, especially the oils?
      • Yes. If you feel oily, you can wash it off with water or wipe it off with tissue/wet tissue/oil blotter. MARS Face Oil & MARS Hair Growth Oil does not form a waterproof barrier on skin.
      Is it safe for babies?
      • Yes, for topical use. Our products are not meant to be ingested.
      Is it safe for pregnant women?
      • Yes, for topical use. Our products are not meant to be ingested.
      I have skin reaction to the products. What should i do?
      • We have a blogpost that may help you figure if you're breaking out or purging. You can see it here: https://bit.ly/2NThcpf
      Can i change the product in MARZEA ALL SET?
      • We're very sorry, but all the products in the MARZEA ALL SET are fixed so we cannot change it.
      Can i mix MARS Face Oil with my foundation?
      • Yes, you can. It depends on your preference.
      What is the sequence to use Marzea (face) products?
      • On clean & dry skin: RESCUE Toner -> MARS Toner -> MARS Face Oil 
      What is the difference between RESCUE Toner & MARS Toner?
      • RESCUE Toner is for combating problems on our skin, like whiteheads and blackheads, and acne. MARS Toner hydrates and revitalises the skin.