Mengapa Makanan Menyebabkan Jerawat?


Dulu i pernah had this breakouts season and it was really scary. It really affected my self esteem! But one day, my brothers decided to make fun of my face and they pointed out my acnes especially around the nose. 

PASTU! I forgot who said it, but someone said "kalau tegur, nanti dapat", and then padan muka, my brothers dapat acnes attack! BAHAHHA!

So of course i jadi excited nak pick on their pimply nose kan. But the boring part was, they didn't care pun. They just said "so?", pastu i macam bosan sensorang. Haha!

When i think back, my brothers really helped me become a confident person. Because they made fun of me so much and it reached to a point that when people make fun of my appearance, i pun laugh along. Macam dah terbiasa sangat! =p

ANYWAY! Let's get to this! Who likes acnes kan.. So here are the reasons why we get acnes:

1. Too much oil production

2. Hormones

3. Bacteria

4. Clogged pores


And then, the other day i asked on instagram about which food causes acnes, and here are the answers:

1. Kacang

2. Dairy + sugary 

3. Caffeine

4. Seafood

5. Chicken

6. Belacan

7. Spicy food


So what's up with kacang? It causes acnes and allergies. But then it's supposed to be good for the brain and for people who are on a diet, kacang is like a must kan? It seems that kacang (or nuts) can take time to digest and some people don't produce enough enzymes to break the proteins in nuts. They are high in protein and fat content, which is good la for dieting, but if they're not being digested properly, it will make your immune system work hard and thus inflame your sebaceous glands. 

That's why orang kata kacang ni "panas".


Now dairy products! Some people are lactose intolerant, that means they don't produce enough enzymes to break the protein and sugar in milk. I am unfortunately lactose intolerant! Hahaha! If you have bowel movement after drinking milk or anything that has milk, means ada lactose intolerance la kat situ. The same reason as kacang causes breakouts, the milk may have something yang our body cannot process or digest properly. Some people develop this intolerance later in life, so do watch out on your diet if you're experiencing breakouts =)


For you all yang affected by eating chicken, or meat products, there's this study that said vitamin B12 causes acnes, BUT it is super important for the brain, nervous system and red blood cell formation. This vitamin is mainly found in meat and it causes bacteria to inflame and thus keluar la pimples. You can read more here:


As for seafood, like shrimp, and i bet belacan also la, have high iodine content and this causes breakouts for people who are sensitive. 


Ok caffeine! There are no specific study to relate the caffeine intake and acne. But, it turns out that caffeine can increase stress response in body. Because of this, your stress hormones will affect your oil production, hence breakouts! 


So now i think we can all understand why food can cause breakouts. When our body doesn't digest something properly, our immune system have to work extra hard to break it down. And that's why our skin reacts by producing more oil.

When our oiliness get paired with bacteria, from environment, or our hands, or other people's hands (??), or our pores get clogged, jadi la pimples!


We can however, still eat all these food, but kena control la how much we eat. We should also take supplements, such as probiotics, because it can help with our digestive system.

I hope this will give you some kind of insights on your body!


So let's observe on our diet from now on! Not just for our skin, but for our overall health =)



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  • Assalamualaikum and hi😊. Nak tanya. Saya ada masalah jerawat halus dimuka. Sesuai x saya nak pakai rescue toner and face oil marzea?? Sbb ada order rescue toner from marzea hehehe. Tq!

  • Assalamualaikum and hi kak maria. I really really wanna try all of ur products for my face cs my face sangat sensitive and banyak scars and pimples. Which one would you recommend for me ? I dah give up with drugstore products so nak try kak maria punya. Thank you in advance!! ❤️

    Ubaidah Zakirah
  • Waalaikumussalam dear,

    Boleh, and i would recommend trying the toners (Mars toner & Rescue toner) sebab the toners can help with inflammation and irritation on skin. Boleh choose either one atau dua dua =)
    Hope this helps!

  • Assalamualaikum & hi. Nk tanyaa. Is it ok kalau muka kita mcm ada tiny bump/ruam then pakai all marzea product? Sbb teringin sgt nk try. Hehe

    Siti Hajar Jamadi

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