Ageing Skin - Is it a concern?

Of all the articles i've read about skin care, a lot of them talks about ageing skin. A lot of products promotes youthful, younger looking skin. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why? Do i really look old for my age?

It is said by many articles, dermatologists, skin experts, that the skin starts to age at around 25, depending on your genetics and lifestyle.

As an asian, we don't "raisin", that is until we're really an old aunty, like mid 40s or 50s.

Usually people look for anti ageing products when they see the difference in plumpness of their cheeks, the slow recovery after an acne, fine lines around the mouth and eyes and more. 

We can't stop ageing as much as we cannot stop time, but the good news is we can at least slow it down a bit and reduce the after-effect of acnes, sun/pollution radicals and maintain elasticity of the skin.

Personally i think that it is okay to start the use of anti-ageing products when you're in your 30s. At 20s, it is best to focus on just getting that hormone stabilised and prevention of sun damage (don't skip the sunblock!). 

So if you're in your 20s, don't start fretting over "younger looking skin", because you are indeed still very young. If you're in your 30s, be more habitual with the sunblock and if needed, change your lifestyle. Knowing that the effects of ageing will show, try to make healthier choices in all aspects, from food, to routines, the environment you're in, even clothes. 

It is also important to remember that skin care are not magic nor the solution to every problem. In the end, we need to learn to accept and grow with our wrinkles and grey hair. We need to not consider ageing as a flaw. It is the nature of our body after using it for a long time. 


You know what they say, "What you feel inside reflects on your face", so live as how you want to see yourself.


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