MARZEA Toner Set

MARZEA Toner Set

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Get good skin naturally by pairing up these toners with your MARS Face Oil. Formulated to help with skin regeneration and acts as barrier.

This set consists of 

  • MARS Toner 30ml
  • Rescue Toner 60ml

MARS TONER This toner consists of distilled rose water, cucumber extract and vegetable glycerin. Suitable for acnes, skin irritation, excessive oily or dry skin, puffy under-eyes. It helps soothe inflammation, calm sensitive skin, helps maintain pH balance and helps strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues and tighten delicate areas.

RESCUE TONER Made of distilled witch hazel, tea tree water and vegetable glycerin. Contains antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals (that cause faster aging and damages the skin), acts as astrigents that can help minimize pore size, prevents acne-causing bacterias from entering the pores, reduces blackheads and whiteheads.

Together, MARS Toner and RESCUE Toner work hand in hand to keep the skin clean, clear and balanced.