MARS Spray Toner
MARS Spray Toner
MARS Spray Toner

MARS Spray Toner

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MARS Spray Toner is made of Distilled Rose water with vegetable glycerin and cucumber extract.

Distilled rose water is amazing for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory (reduces redness, acnes), controls oil production, hydrates and revitalises the skin, it is antibacterial and is able to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

The vegetable glycerin and cucumber extract softens, soothes and relieves puffy skin!

This spray toner is suitable for all skin types, from oil to dry.



1. Spray directly onto face and pat gently into the skin for even absorption.

2. Use on clean and dry skin.

3. Can be used as setting spray (after makeup) and anytime for hydration.


The MARS Toner last up to 1 year from the month of purchase. To lengthen shelf life of the MARS Toner, keep in fridge (vegetable tray).