MARS Face Oil

MARS Face Oil

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MARS Face Oil (10ml) is made up of Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Jasmine Oil.

It is rich in Vit A, Vit C, Vit E, Vit B, Essential Fatty Acids and actioxidants.

This oil works wonders! It:

– moisturises & hydrates the skin

– corrects dark spots

– reduce scars and fine lines

– improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation

– restores skin collagen production to normal

It is easily absorbed into the skin and it goes deep into the skin, which makes the protection not only on the surface of our face, but truly and literally, skin deep!

It is suitable for dry, oily, combination, ageing skin types, but it is recommended that you do not apply directly on active acne on the first time applying this oil. You should try on a small acne first.


Apply this after your toner. Use 1 to 3 drops is sufficient, and use it twice (morning and night) daily for best results.


Smell, colour and texture may differ relative to seasons of ingredients used. 

The MARS Face Oil are made fresh with new stocks every month. They last 3 to 5 months from the month of purchase. Store away from direct sunlight. To lengthen shelf life of the MARS Face Oil, keep in fridge (vegetable tray).