Let's talk about Oil Cleanser

If you're familiar with oil cleanser or oil cleansing method, then good!

If you're not, here, let me share just the basics.

The main characters of an oil cleanser are the oils, of course.

Oils when used on skin, will attract sebum on our skin and also oil-like ingredients in makeup thus making it easy to remove excess oil and dissolve makeup. At the same time, it will also provides the natural goodness for the skin.

Marzea Oil Cleanser has 3 main ingredients, namely Rice Bran Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil. It also has emulsifiers which help dissolves the oils and easily rinsed with water. 

Rice Bran Oil is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, and it also contains squalene which is known to help skin look youthful and fresher. It is an excellent anti-aging oil and provides protection from environmental pollution and UV rays. This oil helps increase skin barrier.

Evening Primrose Oil is a very famous oil for it contains some of the most essential vitamins we need inside & out. It is known to help heal wounds, return skin's elasticity, eliminates dirt, sweat and excess sebum, softens skin, and many more! 

Sea Buckthorn Oil is the reason why Marzea Oil Cleanser is orange in colour. This oil is very nourishing & revitalises skin because of its high content in vitamins and fatty acids like Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid, Beta Carotene and Palmitic Acid, which is why the cleanser can boost hydration, anti-aging, encourage cell generation and prevent acnes. People with rosacea can use this oil cleanser too.


So as a summary, the benefits of MARZEA Oil Cleanser:

1. Removes makeup easily 

2. Provides nutrients for the skin

3. Can be used with any cleanser (for double cleansing)

4. Can be used for all skin types

5. Does not leave oily residue

6. Can be used on acnes because it calms inflammation


Do bear in mind that our skin produces oil as a defense mechanism since it is the largest and most exposed organ of our body. However, if you feel like you have whiteheads or blackheads after using oil cleansers, it is because the oil in the oil cleansers are clearing out the pores that may have been plugged due to the surrounding environment. 

It is best to use Marzea Oil Cleanser at most, twice a day, but once a day is already sufficient. Use it after you're done with your day outdoors (school, work, etc) so that you can clean and nourish your skin before starting your day again.

It is also advisable to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores. We recommend you to take one day in a week for your "Beauty Self Care".

You can take these steps!

1. Cleanse or double cleanse (first with Marzea Oil Cleanser, then follow up with a gentle cleanser like a foam cleanser)



2. Steam your face with hot water 

2. Scrub it up

3. Mask it!

4. Moisturise~

5. Spray perfume just to feel expensive =p



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