Is Your Skin "Breaking Out" or "Purging"?

I am very confident that no one is comfortable with pimples. It is painful, it is angry and it demands attention.

Almost everyone i've met always ask if Marzea products will help lessen the break outs and i ask them back:

Are you stressed?

You don't need to guess their answer, because it's always: YES.


The thing is, our skin needs as much rest as our body does. Sleep, water and good nutrients, good care and protection.

I hate to tell people that Marzea products aren't magical. It will not make your pimples disappear in a day (though it does for some people, alhamdulillah!), but realistically, it needs to start with control over our lifestyle.


Now, how do you know if you are breaking out, or if your skin is merely purging after using a new product? What is the difference anyway? 

Here's what i can summarise:

1. If your current breakouts happen at usual places, observe if your breakouts are getting better over time, and if there are any improvements in skin's texture and tone, and hydration.

Our skin needs at least 28 days to turn over. Within that period, if you see significant improvement, this means your skin is purging. 

Your skin could have had clogged pores and those bacterias within it were pushed out of the pores due to the anti-bacterial properties that may have been in the product you're using. Thus, purgification (word does not exist, but hehe).

2. If your current breakouts happen at unusual places and/or at usual places and does not get any better (the pimples keep a-coming over time), and your skin does not have any improvements in texture, hydration level, tone even-ness, then it is most likely that you're breaking out.


But then sometimes, it is not the products's fault. Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. I introduce to you, ACNE MAPPING! *throws confetti*

I did this when i was younger, though i didn't analyse it with internal problems. I just checked my habits and the connection with the pimples i had. I used to have pimples on my forehead, so i grew out my fringe (and confidently shared my pimply forehead with everyone ahaha!!). I had pimples on the sides of my face because i used to sleep with wet hair. I had pimples on my chin because i like to stroke my chin when i'm thinking (i still do this - stroke my imaginary goatee), and when i found this acne mapping, turns out i have hormonal acnes which is very true.

So here's some simple reading, perhaps would inspire you to research the real cause of your pimples =)


RESCUE Toner, MARS Toner and MARS Face Oil are packed with the good stuff, but because it is all natural, you will need to have patience.

Some people are blessed with fast skin cell's turn over, so you can see people have pimple one day, and it's gone the next!

So, for acne treatment, i suggest using RESCUE Toner, because it has Witch Hazel and Tea Tree, which are both anti bacterial, helps reduce oil production and reduce white&blackheads. Cut your cotton pad into small squares and put this toner and just paste it onto your acne. 

MARS Toner is mostly Rose water which is super hydrating, calming and balances skin's pH. Spray all over your face to calm any irritation.

MARS Face Oil has vitamin A, C and E which will help the skin cell's turnover. And the fatty acids in the oil will help reduce the appearance of scarrings, and improve skin toner over time.


All products are available, and we even have MARZEA All Set if you want to try out, but afraid to commit to the regular sizes =)






  • Waalaikumussalam dear,

    I’m glad you love the products!
    As for your current problem, you need to observe your routine/habits, especially around your mouth and chin area. The one probable thing that may cause the dryness is how and what you clean your mouth with after you eat. It could be soap, wet wipes etc.
    i hope this helps. There may be other factors too, so again, try to observe your routine/habits around the mouth area.

    Maria Elena
  • Assalamualaikum Kak Maria, i been using Marzea since october last year, i really love how the products work with my skin face, but recently my face getting dry around area my mouth and chin :(

    Khalidah Zainuddin

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