Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Hi sweets! Finally we made this page for all the frequently asked questions about our website system and also our products. You can go to this li...
Exfoliate 101

Exfoliate 101


Perlu ke? Macam mana nak exfoliate?

Berapa kali sehari?

Come and read to understand the basics of exfoliating, and then decide what's best for you! =D

Why Food Causes Acnes?

  Dulu i pernah had this breakouts season and it was really scary. It really affected my self esteem! But one day, my brothers decided to make fun ...

Is Your Skin "Breaking Out" or "Purging"?

I am very confident that no one is comfortable with pimples. It is painful, it is angry and it demands attention. Almost everyone i've met always a...