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They're all natural, safe, home made products, made with love and care. They don't ask you for much, but they're there for you when your skin and hair are not looking their best. "We are your basic needs!", they all say. And they're right.


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Hi, I'm Maria

You see, i've been struggling with my skin since puberty. It was so unpredictable! I had my good years, and i had the worst too. And after i gave birth to my first child, everything about me (from hair to body) has gone so out of control. 

What upset me most was the money i have spent on facials, and skin, hair and body care products that only gave me short term results, and the worst part: my skin was ageing faster than me! My skin nampak kusam, i don't have that blush i used to have, and my dark circles and eyebags were heavier than my handbag, and.. MY HAIR! I have lost so much hair over the years and it didn't grow back as much!

One day, i decided to STOP. Stop hoarding, stop buying more and stop wasting. I studied and did my own research, backed with my Chemical Engineering experiences and knowledge, i concocted my own hair and skin products. I focused on simple and basic ingredients that are effective and multipurpose.

People have started noticing the improvement of my complexion, i felt happiest than i've been for a long time and i had overcome my own personal issues! When creating this brand, i didn't want it to be just about the products, but also about personal growth. Self love and appreciation, combined with good skin and hair products can really boost our confidence level and change our vibe. Of course there are still room for improvements!

Up till today, i cannot believe how these products have helped so many people with skin and hair problems.  To be able to share and help others, gives me contentment, and that is the true intention of Marzea.

Welcome to our website! I sincerely hope my BFFs can be yours too!


Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Askes Questions (FAQs)

Hi sweets! Finally we made this page for all the frequently asked questions about our website system and also our products. You can go to this li...
Exfoliate 101

Exfoliate 101


Perlu ke? Macam mana nak exfoliate?

Berapa kali sehari?

Come and read to understand the basics of exfoliating, and then decide what's best for you! =D

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